Yang Dimaksud Iptek Bersifat Netral Adalah

Yang Dimaksud Iptek Bersifat Netral Adalah – Gilang Rizky Pratama Muiz Priza Kundi Suparman Rio Wicaksono Raharjo Robby Tri Widyanto Maulana Rizal Barutama M. Abdan Syakuro Muhammad Zakki Fuad

2 A. Science and Technology     Science and technology is everything related to technology, whether it is the latest discoveries about technology or developments in technology.

Yang Dimaksud Iptek Bersifat Netral Adalah

Yang Dimaksud Iptek Bersifat Netral Adalah

The word science and knowledge is a collection of human knowledge that is gathered through a process of investigation and can be accepted by common sense. In secular thinking, knowledge has three characteristics, namely objective, neutral and valueless. But in Islam, knowledge should not be free. Today, science is developing rapidly so that technology appears in people’s lives. Technology also has its own positive and negative effects.

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Technology and art are products of science. Technology is the result of the practical application of science with objective and neutral properties. Technology has a positive effect in the form of progress and prosperity for people and it has a negative effect in the form of inequality in life. At the same time, art is the result of expressing reason and human mind with all the processes that involve the soul of a person.

Reason and revelation are sources of knowledge in Islam. The two cannot be contradicted. However, people still have the freedom to develop their minds as long as they are guided by the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet. Based on that, knowledge in Islamic thought has the following characteristics: 1. Permanent knowledge means that the level of truth is complete because it comes from God’s revelation. 2. construction (acquiring knowledge) means that the level of truth is relative because it comes from human thinking.

Art is the result of expressing the human mind with all its processes Art expresses the soul of man which is synonymous with beauty. True beauty is truth, Both have the same value, which is eternity. Objects that are creatively processed so that beauty emerges are works of art. Art that is separated from divine values ​​will never last because lust is the measure, not purpose. true because the essence of religion is to direct and guide the mind.

The word science has changed in Indonesia to science, but from the perspective of the philosophy of science, knowledge and science have very different meanings. – Knowledge is everything that people know through the responses of the five senses and intuition. – Etymologically the word science means clarity, because everything that is created from the root word shows clarity. – The term technology is a product of science. From a cultural perspective, technology is an element of culture resulting from the practical application of knowledge. Therein lies the difference between science and technology.

Kritik Ilmu Dan Teknologi Barat Terhadap Sains Islam

8 Technology can have a positive effect in the form of progress and wealth for people and on the other hand it can have a negative effect in the form of inequality in people’s lives and the environment which will lead to the destruction of the world. The neutrality of technology can be used for the greatest benefit of human life and/or used for the destruction of people themselves. So the reality of science and technology is very related. The source of science and technology in Islam is the revelation of Allah. Islamic science and technology always prioritize the interests of the people and the benefit of human life. For this reason, science and technology in the view of Islam are not worthless.

Islamic art does not have to talk about Islam. It does not have to be direct advice, or advice to do good, nor is it a view of disobedience to your faith. Islamic art is an art that can describe this form in a beautiful language and according to the sparks of nature. Islamic art is a way to be beautiful from the perspective of the Islamic view of nature, life and mankind that leads to a perfect meeting between truth and beauty.

The integration of science and technology with religion is essential to avoid a secular process, that is the separation between religious teaching and the development of science, technology and art. Muslim scholars believe that what is called knowledge is not only limited to knowledge and science, but the knowledge of Allah is laid out in lauhil mahfudz that is given to us through the​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ‘an and As-Sunnah. Allah’s knowledge includes human knowledge about the universe and the people themselves. So if we follow this way of thinking, we will understand that the Koran is a source of human knowledge and science (knowledge and science).

Yang Dimaksud Iptek Bersifat Netral Adalah

In the Islamic perspective, between religion, science, technology and art there is a harmonious and dynamic relationship that is integrated in a system called dinul Islam. There are three main elements, which are religion, sharia and morality (religion , science and good deeds). . Islam is a perfect teaching, its completeness is in the middle of its teaching. There are three main teachings about Islam which are faith, Islam and Ikhsan, the three main teachings are called Dinul Islam. a good sentence (Dinul Islam) is like a good tree, its roots are firm (inserted into the ground) and its branches rise up to the sky. The tree produces its fruit every season by the permission of its Lord . people always remember (QS> 14; 24-25).

Iptek Dan Seni Dalam Islam

The above 12 verses indicate that faith is the root, knowledge is a tree that gives off branches and branches of knowledge.. Although charity is like the fruit of a tree it is similar to technology and art. Science and technology developed on the values ​​of the result of faith and knowledge of good work, not corruption, nature.

Science and technology will provide great blessings and benefits for the welfare of human life if science and technology are accompanied by the principles of religion and piety of Allah SWT. In fact, science and technology which is the basis of modernity, has created new patterns and ways of life that are secular, materialistic and hedonistic in nature, which are completely different from the cultural and religious values ​​that our country accepts it. in his life, people not only need physical needs, but also need imtaq and heavenly values ​​(spiritual needs). Imtaq is the foundation and the strongest foundation that makes people achieve happiness in life.

Faith means vows in speech, justification in the heart, and practice in action. Faith can increase with obedience and decrease with disobedience. The virtues of those who believe are explained in many ways in the Koran, one of which is in the letter of Abraham verse 23 which means: “And those who believe and do good actions entered into heaven under which the rivers flow, they will do that. stay there with the permission of the Lord. “salaam” is the greeting in heaven

15 The priority is for those who believe and do good deeds, that they return to the heaven of Allah, which is full of blessings and pleasure. In addition, religion has benefits in life, which are: 1. Religion eliminates belief in ungodly things/shirk 2. Religion promotes a spirit of courage to face death 3. Faith builds an independent view of life 4. Faith gives peace of mind 5. Faith creates a good life 6. Faith gives judgment in a sincere and consistent way 7. Faith is the brings good luck 8. Faith prevents disease

Mind Map Ilmu Pengetahuan, Teknologi, Dan Kemiskinan

16 God will greatly exalt those who have knowledge and faith. Therefore, Allah commands people to seek knowledge, to form Islamic societies, to read the verses of Allah, both written and created by Allah, for example stars, skies, earth, mountains, etc. Why does Allah raise the level of knowledgeable people because there are 7 benefits of knowledge: 1. Knowledge is an inheritance from the prophet 2. Knowledge always takes care of those who care for it 3. People will have a you have a lot of knowledge also you have many friends 4. If knowledge is given to people, then knowledge will increase 5. The owner of knowledge will receive intercession on the Day of Judgment 6. If it is stored, it will not run out or go to destroy 7. Knowledge will enlighten the heart until it becomes quiet.

Definition of Alim, Ulama, Alim Ulama and Scientist Alim is a term derived from Arabic which means knowledgeable (especially in relation to Islam). Ulama means a person who is an expert on Islamic matters or knowledge. Alim Ulama means people who are good in Islamic knowledge. Scientists are people who are experts / know a lot about science, people who are involved in science.

I) Caring for the Environment Humans have purpose and passion, which are not given to other creatures. With the provision of this mind, Allah gave the command as a caliph on earth to take care of (use and maintain) this nature as best as possible. ii) Verifying the contents/verses of the Qur’an In addition, scientists must also be able to answer and verify knowledge that basically comes from the Word of Allah (Qur’an) and The words of Prophet Muhammad ( SAW). So that what was written in the book is true, becomes a guide for mankind and there is no doubt.

Yang Dimaksud Iptek Bersifat Netral Adalah

According to Prof. Sayyed Llossen Nasr. with the western view that humans are sole entrepreneurs (without the presence of God) has made humans arbitrary in treating nature as a whore that is still used without giving proper awards. Western greed and avarice have destroyed the balance and harmony of nature. The above is very different from the Islamic view of nature.

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In managing nature, we should not only ask from nature. But instead we must also give it to nature. For example regenerating land using science and technology, for example plowing using a tractor, managing the potential of existing natural resources by combining work with the surrounding community to create wealth. v) Apply knowledge in exploiting nature and the environment with the latest technology, which is environmentally friendly, without destroying nature and responsibly. For a Muslim, saving the environment is a religious imperative, not just seeking religious legitimacy for increasingly pressing environmental issues. It is because of a healthy environment that we can worship and make nature a medium of identification.

A) Carry out environmental conservation programs, tree planting (reforestation), preservation of rare plants, tree nurseries, etc. b) Maintaining the balance of the ecosystem by not reducing/eliminating the functioning of each element of the ecosystem. c) The role of scientists in policy-making: – Scientists and expert workers, who work at LIPI, ministries, agencies, government agencies, related organizations that work in the environment, ESDM, Licensing, influencing policy makers so that the rules, procedures and policies are implemented for the environment.

22 CONCLUSION Knowledge is everything that people know through him

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