Tulang Telapak Tangan Fungsinya

Tulang Telapak Tangan Fungsinya – Bones are one of the most important organs for the human body. In the body of an adult, the number of bones reaches 206 and makes up about 15 percent of the total body weight. Bones are constantly moving and undergoing a process of regeneration following the development of the human body. Therefore, the condition of the bones can change due to age.

There are many types of bones in the body, one of which is the joint bone. The bones of the joint have the main function of helping to move the joint. In addition, there are many other functions of the joint that are important for you to know.

Tulang Telapak Tangan Fungsinya

Tulang Telapak Tangan Fungsinya

This is the first and most important function of the wrist bones. If the bones of the wrist do not function normally, it will be difficult to perform simple hand movements that you always do.

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Various movements of the hands, such as moving to the right, left, sideways, up, down, bending and rotating, are possible only because of the bones of the wrist.

The bones of the wrist also function to provide strength to the hands and arms. Basically, this type of bone provides strength to all parts of the hand, including the fingers, palms, and forearm bones.

The strength provided by the bones of the wrist plays an important role in supporting the movement of the hand when carrying heavy objects. It also helps in carrying out the usual activities in your daily life.

The reason your fingers can move the way you normally do is because of the bones in your wrist. In addition to helping the hand move, this type of bone also functions to connect the fingers and hands so they can move normally.

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Fingers, palms and hands are joined by joint bones so that they can be moved according to their function. If your wrist is injured, it can affect the movement of your fingers or palms and even your hands.

To function properly, the parts of the hand must be well connected, including the connection between the bones of the forearm and the bones of the fingers. In its anatomy, the two parts of the bone are connected by joint bones (cartilage bones).

Cartilage is located on the back of the palm and wrist. The movement of the wrist which is also supported by nerves, muscles and other soft tissues will function properly if all the bones are arranged and form the perfect anatomy of the hand.

Tulang Telapak Tangan Fungsinya

The flexibility provided by the bones of the wrist occurs because the joints of the wrist work together with other bones and nervous systems in order to function normally. Arm flexibility allows you to move your hands freely.

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For example, twisting, bending or straightening the arm. This feature is especially noticeable if you have an injury (such as a sprain) that will make it difficult to move your arm.

Because it is used so often, the bones of the wrist are very susceptible to injury, one of which is a fracture. This condition can be caused by pressure or strong blows, for example when an accident occurs.

Falling while lying down can also cause fractures of the wrist bones. If you have osteoporosis, the impact of a fall fracture will be even greater.

Have you ever had wrist pain and find it hard to move because you’ve been typing for too long? This is a disorder of the wrist bones caused by repeated pressure or movement.

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Disturbances in the function of the wrist bones can cause carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). The carpal tunnel itself is a collection of tendons and nerves that can become inflamed when pressure is applied or certain movements are repeated.

The function of the wrist bones can also be impaired if you experience an injury to the muscles in the wrist bones. This common injury can cause pain in the bones of the wrist.

One example is arthritis or joint inflammation that occurs in the bones of the joint. If you experience this condition, you will feel pain and stiffness in your joints. Joint pain can occur due to health problems that interfere with joint function. The following is a review of the function to the risk of disease!

Tulang Telapak Tangan Fungsinya

The bones of your wrist help you perform various activities, such as writing, typing, or holding objects. This function may not work optimally due to bone disorders.

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To keep your joint bones healthy, let’s understand their function and recognize different disorders in the following review!

The wrist and hand are made up of bones, muscles and ligaments. All of these organs and tissues work together to help the arm move, such as turning or bending.

Presented by dr. Diah Novita Anggraini, “The wrist bones or carpal bones are the bones that connect the bones of the forearm (ulna and radius) to the bones of the fingers (metacarpals).”

The phalanges, i.e. the bones of the fingers, consist of 14 bones. Each finger has three phalanges, except the thumb which has only 2 bones.

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Then, below the phalanges are the metacarpal bones. This bone consists of five bones that make up the palm. Finally, there are the carpal bones, which are made up of eight small bones that make up the wrist.

Each carpal bone has a shape with different facets. The goal, as a place of attachment to bones and surrounding tissue.

The bones of the wrist serve as attachment points for several muscles, ligaments, and tendons in the hand. Muscles attached to these bones help the arm move.

Tulang Telapak Tangan Fungsinya

Meanwhile, ligaments, which are fibrous tissue, help hold the joints in the hand together. There are tendons that function to help attach the muscles to the bones of the joint.

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Every meeting of two bones, there is a joint. Well, the joints in the wrist bone connect the forearm to the palm so you can have a good range of motion.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a nerve problem that causes tingling, numbness and weakness in the hands. This condition is caused by the narrowing of the carpal tunnel, putting pressure on the nerves in it.

There are several factors that can cause CTS, such as dislocated wrist bones, inflammation, or excessive and repetitive use of the hands.

Arthritis or arthritis can affect several areas of the hand. The most common types of joint inflammation are rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. This condition can affect the joints and tendons around the fingers and wrist.

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Arthritis can cause joints to become swollen, painful, stiff and red. The appearance of these symptoms can certainly interfere with your daily activities.

Bones in the wrist can break due to injury. Generally, fractures are caused by falling and holding the body with the hands. Usually, this injury is often experienced by sports athletes.

To keep your wrist bones healthy and strong, #Maintain your health with adequate intake of calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus every day. You also need to exercise regularly and be careful with your activities.

Tulang Telapak Tangan Fungsinya

If you notice symptoms of pain or swelling in the joint, contact your doctor immediately. You can also use the Ask a Doctor feature in the app to get a faster healthcare solution. The function of the bones of the wrist is to act as a tool for moving the hand, a place for the muscles of the hand to attach and a connection between the bones of the fingers and the base of the hand.

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Did you know that the human body consists of 206 bones that make up the skeleton of the body. The skeleton of the body consists of various types of bones that have different functions and shapes to perform the work of the body.

The bones of the wrist are the bones that are located in the area of ​​the wrist and elbow and have the muscles to move the hand.

This bone belongs to the type of short bones or carpal bones. As the name suggests, this bone is round and short. For example, similar to the bones of the wrist, short bones are also found in the bones of the ankle joint and vertebrae.

The joint consists of eight short bones, which are a type of hard bone. The bones of the wrist are formed from bone cells that have Hasserian canals filled with blood vessels.

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The strong and solid structure of the wrist bone contains compounds in the form of calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate that are obtained from the bloodstream.

The wrist bone functions as a tool to move the part of the hand with the help of muscles. The bones that make up the joint have stiff joints that limit movement.

The movement of the wrist forms a vertical movement, i.e. flexion and extension. Flexion is the downward movement of the wrist and extension is the backward movement of the wrist.

Tulang Telapak Tangan Fungsinya

Muscles are an important part of helping hand movements. The muscles attached to the hand become motion sensors that make it easier for us to move our hands.

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There are two types of muscles in the joint, the extensor muscles and the flexor muscles. These two types of muscles cause a wide range of motion that helps support stiff joints and saddle joints in the bony part of the wrist.

The function of the joint is to connect the fingers at the lower end with the base of the hand. A joint arrangement consisting of short, round bones forms the carpal so that it can connect the bones of the finger to the base of the hand.

This injury can occur when a fall or accident causes the scaphoid bone in the wrist to break (fracture or tear). Scaphoid fractures also cause clinical symptoms such as pain and swelling in the known area

This syndrome causes pain in the hands and arms due to a pinched nerve in the wrist. Where there is a narrow channel in the joint (carpa tunnel) that functions to protect the nerves of the hand and the tendons of the nine fingers are exposed to pressure, then the nerves will feel pain that causes a weakening of the function of the hand.

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The healing process for carpal tunnel syndrome is carried out by minimizing the use of the wrist for a period of time until the condition of the hand begins to improve.

In addition, the use of bandages and splints can stabilize the painful area, and in certain cases, the use of pain relievers can also be used.

Almost all our daily activities cannot be separated from our hands, such as writing, eating, drinking and so on. The function of the articular bone as a tool for the movement of the hand is very important to take care of and properly take care of so that our life activities run smoothly without any interruptions. Morning friends study hard, in this article I will explain the function of the palms and their structure. Do you know what a palm is? It’s what you use to hold your cell phone.

Tulang Telapak Tangan Fungsinya

Here you must understand that there is a difference between the bones of the palm and the bones of the wrist. The wrist bone is the joint between the palm bone and the forearm bone (ulcer and lever).

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While the definition of the palm bone

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