Mengapa Kita Dianjurkan Untuk Saling Menasehati Antar Sesama

Mengapa Kita Dianjurkan Untuk Saling Menasehati Antar Sesama – Why do we advise to compete with kindness? Turns out that’s the answer and the full explanation (Jackson David/Pixabay)

More precisely, the following is the answer to the question why we are encouraged to compete in the good we can know.

Mengapa Kita Dianjurkan Untuk Saling Menasehati Antar Sesama

Mengapa Kita Dianjurkan Untuk Saling Menasehati Antar Sesama

A question sometimes reminds us of something more, and one of them is the question you are looking for now.

Akun Pengguna Blibli Dan Kini Bisa Saling Terkoneksi, Ini Keuntungannya!

So, having questions like the one above proves that sometimes questions need to be asked in order to remember more about the knowledge we gain and learn.

The reason we are encouraged to compete in goodness is because a person’s age is a supernatural matter, meaning no one knows how long.

Therefore, we advise you to DO GOOD IMMEDIATELY and not to delay, because one’s death can be canceled at any time according to the will of Allah SWT.

Competing in goodness is also known as FASTABIQUUL KHAIRAT, taken directly from the words of Allah SWT in Surah Al-Baqrah verse 148.

Saling Menasehati Dlm Kebenaran (watawa Soubil Haqi)

Those who are active and always do good are called Sabiqun Bil Khairat, they are people who are lucky and have nothing to lose.

This article is intended for teachers, parents and guardians to use as a reference to educate and expand their perspectives on this question.

Students are forbidden to do this as an answer, it can only be used as a reference to correct the previous answers given. His words are suggestions and calls for friends to advise each other, or to remind each other, to always stay. in the way of truth

Mengapa Kita Dianjurkan Untuk Saling Menasehati Antar Sesama

Logically, there is a call to advise and remind each other according to the truth, because of course there is a reason in the first place, namely: the mistakes made by humans.

Soal Pai Kls Xi Pa Iki

This means: since there are mistakes in humans, both in thinking, attitude and behavior, there is a recommendation to remind each other, trying to follow the right path.

Remember each other, not only among individuals, but also among social groups, such as: youth organizations, religious organizations, party organizations, etc.

Advising and reminding each other can be called da’wah. For preaching, Islam teaches a wise method, of course, not to hurt the party being reminded. How beautiful Islam is in giving the concept of preaching.

His words, QS An-Nahl: 125, give a description of the importance of being wise to preach very clearly and without hesitation. It is also recommended to use good method (ahsan) when discussing.

Materi Kb 2

So when talking about the wise and proper methods of da’wah, of course they include: “vote, noble speech, polite and civilized attitude.”

The moral message of his words is that human beings are not easily captured by the seductions of shamelessness, in a mire of humanitarian storms and disasters.

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Mengapa Kita Dianjurkan Untuk Saling Menasehati Antar Sesama

Hopefully we can advise each other kindly… Let us not be among the losers… Useful write-up, thanks for sharing… Always success to you sir…

Mengapa Kita Dianjurkan Untuk Saling Menasehati Antar Sesama Muslim?

It is a blogging platform for Teachers, Teachers or Other Teachers without a Degree. Pustaka Media Guru has partnered with Bimadigital (PT BIMA DIGITAL INDONESIA) as a developer and provider of technology used by Islamic platforms to teach their followers how to advise each other. Because, one of the characteristics of believers, that is, people who advise each other with truth and patience. Allah SWT says:

Meaning: “Except those who believe and do good and advise each other to the truth and advise each other to patience” (QS. Al Ashr: 3).

Rasulullah SAW also stated that giving advice to each other is an important matter. From Jarir bin Abdullah Radliyallahu ‘anhu who said: “I give allegiance to the Prophet Sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa Sallam to always establish prayers, give zakat and give good advice to all Muslims.” (Narrated by Jarir bin Abdullah).

With reference to the book Ohituta advises and does well, published by the Ministry of Education and Culture, the wisdom that encourages us to advise each other is this:

Berita Terbaru Archives

Before giving advice to others, it is good to understand some adab of Islam. According to the book Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Islamic Banks by Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Fahi as-Sayyid Nada. Hamsani, there are five forms of advice in Islam that must be known, namely:

We do not allow ourselves to have any other intention in giving advice except to seek the pleasure of Allah alone. Rasulullah SAW said: “Indeed, every advice is according to its intention and in truth everyone achieves only what he wants.” (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim).

Islam recommends giving advice in polite and courteous language. Rasulullah SAW said as explained in the hadith: “Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, say something good or remain silent.” (Reported by Bukhari and Muslim).

Mengapa Kita Dianjurkan Untuk Saling Menasehati Antar Sesama

If we want to give advice, it is as much as possible based on the knowledge that can be learned and accounted for. This is in line with what Allah SWT means in Surah Al Isra

Grosir Al Quran Archives

“And don’t follow something we don’t know. Really hearing, seeing and awareness, all of that will be taken care of. ” (QS. Al Isra: 36).

We are forbidden to give advice in front of many people, because it will be considered embarrassing for the person being advised. This is what Imam Syafie said: “Give me advice when I am alone, and keep me away from advice from people because advice from people is a form of abuse that I do not like to hear.”

We recommend that you continue to give advice even if you don’t ask for it. Especially if the advice aims to avoid bad or humiliation.

However, we must be patient and willing to accept negative responses and bad impressions from the people we are giving advice to. Because not infrequently, they will think that we interfere, that we know them, etc.

Buku Aqidah Akhlak Kelas 9

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