Manuk Anu Alus Buluna Nyaeta

Manuk Anu Alus Buluna Nyaeta – Mary (Anas platyrhynchos domesticus) – domestic animal; birds that live on land, can swim, are similar to geese, but smaller.

Meri is a livestock that can be relied upon for grazing due to the fact that it is not easily attacked by pests.

Manuk Anu Alus Buluna Nyaeta

Manuk Anu Alus Buluna Nyaeta

Meri is also easy to get prey, because she has omnivorous properties (everything is eaten), such as: jujukutan, vegetables, tutut, fish, bebeuti and others.

Pamekar Diajar Basa Sunda. Pikeun Murid Sdmi Kelas Vi By Coll.

Meri-meri, which are currently reproduced and widely bred, are descendants of wild meri-meri living in the wild, also called wild mallard, with the exception of entog (Manila meri) or muscovy, originating from South America.

What distinguishes meri muscovy from other meri is nothing more than fingers with close nails and they can look at tree branches.

. The stem is flatter (horizontal), larger, weighing 3-3.5 kg at the place of origin, this meri is used as a dam or for dipping the eggs of other meri.

Mary in English is called a duck, the word duck comes from the Old English (Anglo-Haxon), the verb düce – ducan, which means to bend down or kneel.

Calon Buku B.sunda

This is due to the behavior of representatives of the merianatid family, when they often bow and dive into the water in search of food.

Meri has a shorter body compared to his body and has webs that surround her old fingers to help Meri move quickly while floating on the surface of the water.

It is also seen that the hair on his body is relatively thick and oily, so water cannot enter his body.

Manuk Anu Alus Buluna Nyaeta

Meri-meri, which is now widely cultivated and propagated in Indonesia, is said to have been introduced to the island of Java by the Indians in the 7th century.

Basa Sunda Kelas 1 2014 Pages 101 140

At that time, the stones that were used to build the temple were held together with white eggs, but today it is Portland cement (PC).

To meet the demand for such large eggs, they bring their own eggs from their country to be collected and sent.

For hundreds of years, the meri has become a very popular livestock among people, especially in well-irrigated lands, near swamps, lakes and coastal areas.

During the Dutch colonial period, around 1920, the government of that time also played a role in spreading meri-meri throughout Indonesia.

Gagak Jadi Hideung

During the independence period, the government at the time had a program to improve the community’s economy known as the RKI (Indonesian Welfare Plan).

The main goal of this program is to improve the quality of local merry by importing khaki Campbell merry from the Netherlands, as well as merry of Beijing origin, imported through Hong Kong and Singapore.

Mary deliberately bred for meat (meat), this Mary is classified as the well-known Welsh Harlequin in England is still a descendant of Mary Khaki Campbell.

Manuk Anu Alus Buluna Nyaeta

Meri, which are grown only for the needs of a hobby (hobby), do not have the purpose of producing meat or eggs. One day he was looking for food in an ant colony. The small ant people were surprised by the arrival of Sakadang Gaji. Many ant houses were stepped on until they were broken and littered. During this time, the Ant King dared to drive Sakadang Gaj away himself so that he could not find food in his territory.

Basa Sunda Kelas 3 2014(1) Pages 101 136

“Ye Sakadang Gaja, leave my territory immediately. Because of his power, the house of my people will be destroyed.” Pok King Ant Sacadang Gaja.

When I heard that the elephant ants drove him away, I felt sad. A number of small animal ants will not be dangerous against him. Gaja said in his heart as he continued to search for food in the ant’s territory.

Ant people are angry. The Ant King gathered all his people to drive the Elephant together. But instead of being obeyed, Sakadang Gaja deliberately destroyed all the anthills there.

Seeing Sakadang Gaj becoming more and more belittling, the ant-men overwhelm Gaj. Crawling towards the elephants. Someone entered longitude. Something got into his ear. Something goes into his fangs, nose and so on. Then the ant-men would bite the elephant until the elephant became weak. Because people are surrounded by many ants. Until the Elephant was hurt and then he surrendered, promising to leave the territory of the ant. Finally, the Ant King ordered all his people to stop humming the body of the Elephant. Since then, Sakadang Gaja has tried not to bother the ants anymore.***

Kumpulan Pupuh Sunda

One day there was a fire in the forest. This is a celebration of Sakadang Singa becoming the king of the forest. It is said that the monkey, known for its intelligence, entertains the King of the Forest and all the inhabitants of the Forest who are happy to celebrate the election of the Lion. There are horses, crows, snakes, snakes, wild boars, dogs, cows, camels, crocodiles and other animals.

The monkeys are surrounded by gamelan, which is surrounded by horses, goats, cows, boars and dogs. A dog plays a yellow bamboo flute, a cow beats a wooden drum, a goat plays rocks until it becomes a rhythm, and a dog blows a whistle that is said to have found a former person. The howling of monkeys is interesting to any animal that sees them gathered there. All the animals that watched praised Monkey’s ability to collect jaipongan.

Seeing this, Sakadang Onta suddenly became envious. Eventually Sakadang Onta moved forward which means to sit and follow the jaipong like Sakadang Monkey. Once the camels fearlessly followed the monkeys. Because of his large body and high legs, Sakadang’s girlfriend Onta eventually became as naughty as if she was drunk on alcohol. His body hit here and there and hit other animals. A situation that was once happy became unbearable because many of the animals were run over by camels who drove them as if they were drunk.

Manuk Anu Alus Buluna Nyaeta

Animals feel very embarrassed, considering Sakadang Ontu a nuisance. This time Sakadang Ontu was chased away by the animals that were watching at the time. Kaassup Sakadang Singa, very angry. She roared in pain to ward off Sakakadang Onta so that she would not participate in all the strikes.

B Sunda New

Feeling kicked out, Sometimes a camel hurts. She wept and left the forest, which was open to Livung. Gone into the desert. Since then, Sakadang Onta went to live in the desert and never returned to the forest. Due to heartache, the bike was kicked out.***

We talked about the past. The island of Java is still a forest and is rarely inhabited by people. There is a kingdom called Medang Kamulan, which is ruled by a king named Prabu Devata Chengkar, who is very kind and loves to pray for the people. Every day the king hunts the man brought by Patih Jugul Anom. This situation makes people in the country of Medang Camulan live in fear. Eventually, many fled to other kingdoms to escape Prabu Devata Chengkar.

In the suburbs of Medang, they say that there is a young man named Aji Saka, who is very strong, he will help any person in need. One day, Aji Saka managed to help a soldier who was being chased by two robbers. This battery was finally helped and used by Aji Saka as a foster father. Sihoreng of that battery is one of the refugees from Medang Camulan.

“Yes, Invited… The kingdom of Medang Camulang is now ruled by a wild giant, and his majesty is preying on people. For this reason, every day, the royal officials will hand over a citizen, especially those as old as aki, to become the prey of the king ….

Pts Basa Sunda 20 21

After hearing the story of Prabu Devat Chengkar’s cruelty, Aji Saka decided to help the people of Medang Kamulan. This is how Aji went to Medang Camulang.

Prior to Medang Kamulang, Aji Saka faced all the obstacles and obstacles from the Ponggawa of King Devat Chengkar which is a lot of ghosts and ghosts living in the jungle. Until he fought for seven seven nights with the invisible ghost of the forest, which he passed because Aji Saka refused to be a slave of the forest ghost.

Aji saka is a powerful mandra to finally defeat all the forest ghosts until the ghosts are driven out of the forest. After the fight, Aji Saka continued his journey to meet Prabu Devata Chengkar at his palace.

Manuk Anu Alus Buluna Nyaeta

Aji Saka arrived in the quiet kingdom of Medang Kamulan. At Prabu’s palace, Devata Chengkar was angry because Patih Jugul Anom did not make sacrifices for the king’s food. Seeing this, Saki’s face, full of masculinity, turned directly to San Prabu.

Gagak Hayang Kapuji

“Ramps… Ha ha… who are you? It seems too late to turn yellow to cause hunger in the throat… Ha ha ha…” Prabu Devata Chengkar saw Aji Saka raging and suddenly stopped. His throat was suddenly hungry when he saw Aji Saka in front of him.

“Are you ready to be my food, human?” Prabu Devata Chengkar, intending to capture Aji Saka.

“Hahaha….. Whatever conditions you want, I will provide you…. hahaha…” said Devata Chengkar, who could not contain his hunger when he saw Aji Sak, to Prabu.

Aji Saka unbuttoned the turban he was wearing and said, “The condition is that I ask for royal land just like this turban… King.”

Basa Sunda Kelas 1 2014

“The land of the kingdom is as big as this turban, which can be as big as this wart? No problem….. I will definitely accept it…!” Prabu Devata Chengkar laughed until the world shook.

“Forgive the King before I leave this world and become the prey of the King… I ask the King to fulfill my condition to measure the earth the width of this turban. Pami was measured and limited. Aji Saka said again.

The turban was opened and laid out to measure the royal land. The turban continued to expand without stopping until the length of the turban exceeded the territory of the Kingdom of Medang Kamulang. Prabu Devata Chengkar became angry because he did not measure the earth. When Prabu Devata Chengkar became angry, a very strong wind suddenly arose. Until the very end, the turban of Aji Saki wrapped around the body of the king, until the entire body of the king was covered with a turban. This amazing turban is wound from the crown of the king on both arms and the bottom of his legs. During this time, the king was unable to do so.

Manuk Anu Alus Buluna Nyaeta


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