Furniture Charity Donation Near Me

Furniture Charity Donation Near Me – So you’re done with your Chinese New Year. Now where are you going to donate all those old clothes and other items?

Whether you’re spring cleaning for Chinese New Year or inspired by Marie Kondo to declutter your home, don’t just blindly trash the things you don’t want and add to the growing trash. Donate to a good cause instead. But remember to include items that are in good, usable condition – these aren’t dumping grounds, right?

Furniture Charity Donation Near Me

Here’s where you can donate clothes, shoes, furniture, and even electronics, and other items in Singapore:

Wymondham Furniture Emporium

To reduce textile waste, this local social enterprise collects reusable clothes and textiles that are sorted and returned in various ways – even those that are dirty or torn. The products are then sorted at Lifeline Clothing, a clothing recycling center in Malaysia. If possible, items will be reused, resold, upcycled or given away. To avoid waste, the remainder is sent to a cement plant where the waste is burned with coal for energy and the residue is used for cement, according to the CNA report.

They accept: Clothes, bedding and other household items, soft toys, bags, hats, and even shoes, regardless of condition.

How to donate: Drop off your items at one of over 100 yellow Cloop clothing recycling bins across the island (full list here).

The thrift store is running a donation drive until the end of January and is accepting donations of second-hand items to sell at the Kreta Ayer store. 10 percent of The Reloved Collective’s (TRC) proceeds from the sale of pre-loved items will be donated to the community.

Furniture Donation Charities In Melbourne

How to donate: Drop off donations at The Reloved Collective’s space at 333 Kreta Ayer Road, #02-27, Singapore 080333. DM them on Instagram to schedule your donation.

Got favorite books to donate? Send it to Dignity Mama, an initiative that collects unwanted books. These books were donated by Project Dignity, a social organization that works with different youths. The books are sold at stalls in hospitals in Singapore that are operated by young people with special needs and those who care for them, and they are equipped with skills to practice.

What they accept: Pre-loved books in good condition – children’s books, adult fiction (except science fiction), adult non-fiction on a variety of topics from business and wellness to photography and computer science. is accepted. Books not in English are accepted on a case-by-case basis. Books with objectionable content, including banned books or those with religious, political or sexual content, will be rejected.

How to donate: Drop them off at Dignity Mama booths at Ng Teng Fong Hospital (1 Jurong East St 21, Tower A NTFGH Clinics #02-10, Singapore 609606) or National University Medical Center (1 Lower Kent Ridge Road #01- 39, One@KentRidge Singapore 119082). Up to three grocery bags or A4 size boxes of books are accepted per person.

Donate Unwanted Furniture To Help Those In Need

The next time you’re cleaning out your shoe closet, don’t just throw out those old kicks. Good for the earth and donate to recycling as part of Sport SG’s shoe waste collection program.

Yes, you can now donate sports shoes, school shoes and other used shoes to more than 120 collection points island-wide, and these will be recycled  (read more here).

They accept: All sneakers – including sports shoes, school shoes and soccer shoes (without metal studs) – and slippers and rubber shoes without metal parts.

How to donate: Place your used shoes in one of the black bins (pictured above) at one of the more than 120 collection points island-wide.

Don’t Dump Outside Bins, Charity Stores Say

Singapore generates a lot of textile waste, but only seven percent is recycled. Greensquare aims to increase that number by collecting recyclable textiles. They are then sorted according to their condition – items in good condition are sold to second-hand clothing importers in developing countries to support their free collection services and other local education activities. Those that cannot be resold will be recycled and sold as industrial cleaning cloths.

What they accept: Clothes, shoes, household items or accessories. Do not donate items that are soiled, dirty, wet or contaminated. Soft goods, clothes, books, kitchen utensils, used underwear and socks, air conditioners and pillows are also not accepted.

How to pay: Drop off pre-loved items at more than 30 island locations, including Funan Mall, Fusionopolis or stores like G2000 (full list here). If you have five or more bags to donate, Greensquare will pick them up at your door for $5 – just make an appointment on their website.

MINDS (Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore) Social Enterprise is a voluntary charity organization that provides professional opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities. These include the MINDS Stores that sell gift items. The net income from the sale goes towards paying their monthly stipends and lunch expenses during training.

Everything About Donating Furniture In Melbourne

They accept: Clothing, shoes, accessories, baby and children’s toys and supplies, household appliances (less than one year old), electronics, kitchen and household items, furniture, sports equipment, appliances (tools, design and technology), and more.

How to pay: Drop off at MINDS stores in Margaret (800 Margaret Drive), Woodlands (30 Woodlands Ring Road). Opening hours vary.

The SSVP Shop is a second hand shop set up by the Society of St Vincent de Paul selling pre-loved volunteer items. The proceeds from the social enterprise go towards those in need of financial assistance.

They accept: Handbags, purses, watches, jewelry, electronics, musical instruments, kitchen appliances, household appliances and items in good condition. Limited to two shopping bags. Currently, the store does not accept donations of women’s clothing, as well as shoes, books, CDs, DVDs and large items such as furniture.

Donate To Our Shops

How to donate: Drop off your donation at the SSVP Shop located at 501 Geylang Road. Open Tuesday to Sunday, 10am-4pm.

The non-profit organization accepts a variety of in-kind donations. Pre-loved clothing, Metta Welfare Association donates it to a recycling organization for recycling, in exchange for a donation based on the total weight of the items collected.

What they accept: Generally, new electronics and furniture, and pre-loved wearables (probably belts, bags, books, toys). However, the list of personal items varies according to their current needs and their wish list. Check here for the updated list.

How to donate: Drop off your recycling at the Metta Building at Basement 1, 32 Simei Street 1, S(529950). Open weekdays 7.30am-5.30pm and weekends 8.30am-4pm.

Donate Furniture, Clothes And Goods To Charity

The Fast Fashion Collection Clothing Program accepts vintage clothing and home textiles. Depending on their condition, these are classified into three categories: to be recycled (sold as second-hand clothing), reused (turned into other products such as cleaning clothes) or recycled in another way (as insulation products, e.g. as). In return, you get a 15 percent discount coupon for your donation.

How to pay: Remove your favorite clothes from the recycling bin at the checkout counter at any H&M location.

Think of this as the Tinder of second-hand goods. Pass It On connects people with items to donate to people who need them, through an online platform.

What they accept: Voluntary charities (VWOs) registered on the site (there are around 400 at press time) can submit requests for items they need in the Wish List section of the website. Do you have items to donate? Scroll through the listings and complete someone’s wish list. Or if there’s no match, post a picture and description of your item anyway and wait for Pass-It-On to connect you to someone who might need it.

Charities That Pick Up Furniture

Set up during the 2020 cycle, this Facebook group is a blessed community that aims to help mothers who may be struggling to make ends meet.

What they accept: Mothers can make requests for the items they need – it can be anything from baby or home supplies, and anyone who wants to help to provide these items. Choose to buy or donate items you have on hand – the most commonly requested items are baby formula and diapers, followed by food. However, second-hand items such as clothes, shoes, breast pumps and even books are welcome as well.

An oldie, but a goodie. The Salvation Army is probably one of the first places you think of when it comes to donating pre-loved items. The products will then be sold at the Salvation Army’s five family stores across the island with the proceeds going to charity.

They accept: Clothing, furniture, kitchen items, furniture, accessories and more. Note, however, don’t mistake this for a place to dump your trash. As a general rule, only donate items that are still in good, usable condition. It’s just basic respect, people.

Give A Little To Charity And Receive Hundreds Off Stressless® Seating.* (expired)

How to donate: You can drop off donations of pre-loved items to the Salvation Army at its nine donation centers on the island, including Bishan, Bukit Timah and Upper Changi Road North. For donation questions, e-mail donor [at]

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