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Best Animal Charity To Donate – Australia • Canada • New Zealand • Social Services • United Kingdom • USA Street Children – focusing on homelessness and living below the poverty line

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Best Animal Charity To Donate

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We know from studies that interacting with pets can have a direct impact on your health, from lowering your blood pressure, lifting your mood and helping you exercise more. They touch our lives in amazing ways, and often through interaction with them we understand ourselves a little more. Animals have very little safety net and they have no voice to speak for themselves. They have very few laws written to protect them but in so many ways for so many people touch our hearts in meaningful ways that only they can. Furthermore, research has shown that owning a pet can increase both well-being and longevity.

Yet only a small % of charitable donations in the US and Canada go to animal charities.

Florida Car Donation Helping Rescue Animals

These days in our tough economic times, with the uncertain environment due to the natural disasters, the coronavirus and other economic and uncertainty in so many countries due to unstable situations, charitable giving is down across the board. Many people are struggling to fend for themselves, or to save for a rainy day there is no relief in place for struggling charities and animal charities will also suffer. Animal charities already receive less than 10% of the charitable contribution, and this figure is also falling. People are giving less and redirecting their money to more urgent purposes such as healthcare or humanitarian emergencies and we can expect in these tumultuous times that trend will continue. Who will take care of the animals? Who will stand up for animal rights?

Let’s look at the data to understand the options for charitable giving, some of these statistics are dated so let’s use them as general guidelines. Canadian animal shelters take in over 200,000 animals a year, and over 40% of cats are euthanized and 15% of dogs taken in are euthanized. Most of these due to health reasons and others due to overpopulation. Cats in shelters significantly outnumber dogs, and cats are claimed by their owners less than 5% of the time compared to over 25% of dogs – this may point to a growing number of feral cats that are not owned by anyone but instead live/ hide outdoors. These are a lot of pets and to handle the needs of these pets shelters must be available, they have daily expenses and need a large number of volunteers to help them run efficiently.

About 6.5 million pets enter U.S. animal shelters across the country each year. Of these, approximately 3.3 million are dogs and 3.2 million are cats. We estimate that the number of dogs and cats entering US shelters annually has decreased from approximately 7.2 million in 2011.

In addition to companion animals, domestic animals also need protection to ensure safe and humane agricultural practices, marine animals to ensure humane treatment and/or even release.

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Volunteer your time for animal causes, you will likely have a local animal near you who is probably always looking for volunteers. It’s a great way to engage your kids. They often need people to walk the dogs, clean cages or just spend time with the animals. Think of having a pet at home that needs your attention, imagine having full protection.

Donate items. Always call your protection first and see what is needed. Often it’s blankets and food. Don’t bring items they don’t need; they will not have space to store unnecessary items. The locations are often far too small for the area they serve. If the local shelter does not accept items, there will also be many less often passion-driven organizations that will be happy to accept your items.

Sign a petition for change, these are often run by the larger organizations or passionate people with a unique cause. They want your voice to advocate on behalf of animals and change for animals helping to ensure their sustenance and well-being. is a good place to start.

Share your voice on social media, help organizations raise money and awareness for the work they do. Thank them for the work they do, they often work from a place of passion and commitment and sometimes that means many late hours and many hours out of the office to rally for animal rights.

Face Foundation For Animals

Organize your own fundraiser to support the cause closely aligned with your own passion. Often lending your voice to peer-to-peer fundraising can be incredibly successful and rewarding. There are many peer fundraising tools available to you, look carefully at the administration costs as they are not all created equal.

If you want to support animals, but you don’t have time or things to spend. Donating money to animal charities is an easier and time-saving way. Donate to animal charities closely related to your own passions. Give generously, help these organizations thrive.

There are tens of thousands of animal-loving charities and non-profit organizations around the world. Below are examples of great charities for animal lovers. Using animal charity evaluators can help.

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society – protect our parks, wetlands and the wilderness that depend on it. This is a great choice for the environmentalist and animal enthusiast. Our Canadian wildlife and environment are renowned around the world, let’s help keep them pristine and protected.

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The Ontario and Vancouver SPCAs are some of North America’s largest shelters. If you are looking for the number of animals you can help these are both good options. They do a fantastic job and have a large number of animals in/out of their shelters every year. If you are looking for a shelter, there is sure to be one near you or even choose a remote northern location where the needs may be great but they are strained for resources as the cost of animal rescue can be significantly higher just because of the territory they need to cover.

African Wildlife Foundation – is a charity based in Kenya, but with offices in the US. They focus their work on natural conservation but have a specific focus on animals at risk of extinction.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) The World Wildlife Fund is perhaps one of the best known organizations for the protection of endangered species and their habitats around the world. Working around the world, they work hard to raise awareness of the plight of animals and the threat posed by the human species to their ongoing welfare.

Founded decades ago, Best Friends Animal Society is America’s largest no-kill shelter for companion animals such as cats, dogs and horses. A good choice if pets are your passion. No-kill shelters typically require more resources to run, and your donation will help ensure they can continue to operate even when the shelter is full.

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The Humane Society is probably one of the most famous animal welfare organizations. They have a number of programs in many countries to support domestic animals, but they have launched wider initiatives against inhumane methods of hunting wild animals, factory farming and animal testing. They are focused on the wider change that can happen and are a strong advocate for animals around the world.

Regardless of what you specifically want to support, charities need your help and without people supporting them, many animals would not have a voice. Stand up and let your voice be heard.

Brian Chan is the co-founder of Circle Acts Charity. Circle Acts is a registered charity focused on charitable philanthropy and promoting donor philanthropy worldwide. Nature is in trouble. According to the UN’s Global Assessment Report, it is being destroyed at a rate ten to hundreds of times higher than the average over the past 10 million years. For example, the biomass of wild mammals has decreased by 82%, natural ecosystems have lost about half of their area, and one million species are at risk of extinction.

From deforestation to rising ocean temperatures, human activity threatens delicate ecosystems that are critical to the health of all life on Earth. Animal and environmental organizations are critical to addressing these issues. As first responders, clinicians, research initiatives, shelters and educational program leaders – animal charities take

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