Berikut Yang Bukan Termasuk Jenis Ragam Hias Adalah

Berikut Yang Bukan Termasuk Jenis Ragam Hias Adalah – , JAKARTA – Decoration is a basic form of decoration that usually results in a pattern that is repeated in works of art or craft. Decorative patterns are commonly used as a reference in creating decorative designs.

The use of decorative patterns is to fill material voids with the aim of beautifying an object or product and adding aesthetic value.

Berikut Yang Bukan Termasuk Jenis Ragam Hias Adalah

Berikut Yang Bukan Termasuk Jenis Ragam Hias Adalah

Drawing decoration can be done by stylization (stylized). This includes shape simplification and distortion.

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The basic forms of ornamentation can be derived from floral, faunal, ornamental and other geometrical motifs, which can be applied to two-dimensional or three-dimensional works of art.

As known, flora is a collection of plants. Flora decoration means decorating with natural objects inspired by plants or images of plants.

Animal ornaments are different decorations with the inspiration of different animals or animal image objects. All kinds of animals can be used as motifs in decoration, changing their shape or being stylized, but without leaving their original form.

The ornamentation of the basic human form is stylized to create beautiful decorative motifs. Figurative decoration refers to the inspiration for the shape of the human figure, either in whole or in part.

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Geometric ornamentation is the development of geometric shapes consisting of elements of lines, angles, planes and spaces. The lines created can be straight, curved, spiral or zig-zag.

There are also areas, such as circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, and kites. These lines and planes are combined to produce a beautiful geometric decoration.

4. Angular decorative patterns form a triangular pattern and usually have different decorative shapes and are adapted to existing decorative shapes.

Berikut Yang Bukan Termasuk Jenis Ragam Hias Adalah

5. Combined decorative pattern is a centralized decorative pattern, the pattern form stands alone and usually a combination of different ornaments and form a new decoration.

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6. Regular decorative patterns are formed from the same planes and patterns, the layout of which is a repetition of the previous shape with the same shape.

7. Irregular decorative patterns, this pattern is more diverse as it consists of different motifs and does not follow a pattern of balanced proportions and composition.

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