Apakah Yang Dimaksud Dengan Warna Dalam Seni Patung

Apakah Yang Dimaksud Dengan Warna Dalam Seni Patung – What is a 3D artwork? What are some examples and types of 3-dimensional artwork? Here is the full explanation.

In fact, 3-dimensional works of art can be found in everyday life. What are some examples of 3D art? Also, what kind of 3-dimensional artwork?

Apakah Yang Dimaksud Dengan Warna Dalam Seni Patung

Apakah Yang Dimaksud Dengan Warna Dalam Seni Patung

Like 2D works of art, 3D types of works of art contain elements of line, shape, area, and color that are arranged to form certain objects.

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However, unlike 2D artwork objects that can only be viewed from one side, 3D artworks can be viewed from more than two sides.

In other words, a 3-dimensional piece of art is a piece of art that has length, width, and height, so that it has volume and exists in a space. 3D art is commonly referred to as 3D art as quoted from the Cultural Arts book published by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Types of 3-dimensional artwork Referring to the Artdex page, it is also stated that 3-dimensional artworks are presented in dimensions of height, width and depth, occupy physical space, and can be viewed from all sides and angles.

Three-dimensional works of art, such as sculptures and reliefs, have been found since the beginning of human history. This proves that 3-dimensional art has been an artistic expression of humans for a long time.

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Referring to the book Class X Cultural Arts (2014), based on its function, 3-dimensional artworks can be divided into two types. Both are works with a function of use (applied art/

Fine Art is freely created artwork with a function that prioritizes beauty over functional aspects, so it is more useful for pleasing the eye and is usually used as decoration/display.

Meanwhile, Applied Art is a work of art that not only serves as a home decoration, but works to support human life. Thus, Applied Art prioritizes utility over the beauty of the works.

Apakah Yang Dimaksud Dengan Warna Dalam Seni Patung

As useful objects with a practical function, works of art are made with their utility in mind. With an element of art, it is not only convenient to use, but also beautiful to look at.

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Apart from that, the types of artworks can also be seen from the differences in the themes or main ideas behind them. Subjects in artwork are not limited to one type of subject.

Themes are not always visible (explicit). It may actually appear more implicit (implicit). In three-dimensional works of art, the subjects presented are also varied. The meaning of this work of art cannot be seen from one side only.

Functions of 3-dimensional artwork Judging from its function, there are many uses of 3-dimensional artwork. The following are the functions of three-dimensional works of art:

These works of art are made for artistic and aesthetic purposes, such as vases, jars, home decor statues, furniture, hanging ornaments, etc.

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This function is done for the purpose of providing information or knowledge related to a topic. In this case we can see from the many imitation works, for example the events of independence in museums that show the history of Indonesia. It can also be seen from temples that are still visited for study tours or research.

This function can be seen from the distinctive ornaments of certain faiths that decorate religious places, such as mosques, churches and temples.

In this case, the function of three-dimensional artwork is used as a means of entertainment. For example, temples, installations included in an exhibition and others.

Apakah Yang Dimaksud Dengan Warna Dalam Seni Patung

This warning function is a sign or reminder of an event. This function is usually found in the form of monuments or inscriptions. An example is the Pancasila Sakti Monument in Crocodile Hole, commemorating the heroes of the revolution.

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Types of 3D Art Techniques In order to create 3D artworks, various techniques can be used. Each technique has different concepts and tasks. Here are some three-dimensional artwork techniques discussed

The technique of appliqué art is a decorative work used in the art of sewing, that is, by gluing several cut pieces of fabric.

The shape of the cut, such as the shape of a flower, star, moon, or cloth shape. The purpose is decoration to beautify clothes.

The mosaic technique is a drawing technique that uses certain geometric shapes. The purpose of using geometric techniques is to replace the main component of coloring. With the presence of mosaics, the art mediums do not look ordinary and there is more pattern.

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The assemblage technique is done by connecting several pieces of material to make a complete work of art. This method of linking is called assembly, and assembly is the name of the result of its work.

The sculptural technique is a technique of three-dimensional artwork, removing or setting aside unused materials. The tools used are hammers, chisels, files, etc. Typically, sculptural techniques are used in various works of art, such as certain statues and miniatures.

The casting technique is a technique of three-dimensional works of art, which is applied by pouring a certain liquid substance into a special molding tool.

Apakah Yang Dimaksud Dengan Warna Dalam Seni Patung

Liquid materials that are often used are materials made of rubber, cement, metal and others. The casting technique is more suitable for making large buildings and multi-storey buildings.

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Examples of 3D Artwork There are many examples of 3D artwork scattered throughout everyday life. They can be ordinary items that are often seen or used for specific purposes or luxury items of high value. The following are examples of 3-dimensional artworks: 1. Art crafts Crafts are often used as decorations, ready-to-use applied objects, furniture, toy objects such as dolls, batik and woven fabrics, etc. Handicraft art works are of various types such as wood, textile, ceramic, metal, leather and stone crafts. 2. The art of sculpture. It is one of the most famous 3D art. Sculptures are usually made of stone, wood, metal and can be seen from all sides. Depending on the type, the technique of making sculptures is divided into 2, that is, Zonde Bosse (alone) and Relief (usually attached to the surface of the wall) 3. Ceramics. Ceramic works of art are a branch of art, contemporary or modern traditional art. Ceramic art works as a craft that uses clay as its main component, which has to ignore the process of grinding, granulating, firing and glazing. 4. Architecture Architecture is an example of 3-dimensional art, in the form of building design techniques, covering the macro level (urban planning and design, or landscape) to the micro level (furniture design, buildings to products). Color Color is the most important and dominant in the creation of a design work. Through color people can describe an object to match the real reality. Color can be grouped according to the type of color, the nature of the color and the meaning. of color

4 HUE Hue is the term used to describe the name of a color such as red, blue, yellow, green, brown, purple, orange and other colors. The difference between red and blue or red and yellow is the Hue difference.

5 VALUE Value is a term used to express the lightness or darkness of a color or the value of a hue. Changing the value, for example from plain red to pink, can be achieved by adding white or diluting the color to give a bright impression. To give a dark impression, for example, by adding black, a dark red can be obtained. The value in the middle is called the middle value, and the one above the middle value is called the high value, while the one below is called the high value. low value Values ​​that are lighter than the normal color are called Tints and those that are darker are called Tones. Close values ​​are values ​​that are together or close together and look smooth and shiny.

6 INTENSITY Intensity or chroma is the lightness or darkness of a color, the quality or strength of a color. Colors full of intensity appear very striking and create a bold effect, while colors with low intensity are softer.

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7 Types of colors In art, color in this case is pigment, which can be grouped into the following types of colors: a. Primary colors ie the three primary colors ie red, blue and yellow. b. Secondary/binary colors are a combination of two primary colors and produce green, orange and purple. c. Intermediate colors, i.e. a mixture of primary colors with secondary colors. This color produces yellow-green, green-blue, blue-purple, red-purple, red-orange and yellow-orange. d. Tertiary colors, ie mixing secondary and intermediate colors to create 12 colors. e. Quaternary colors, i.e. mixing intermediate colors and tertiary colors to create 24 colors.

8 Color Categories According to the color scheme, colors can be divided into three types: Monochromatic colors are color levels from dark to light, in the order of a color, for example, from dark red to lightest red. Complementary colors are two colors that are opposite each other in a balanced position, for example yellow purple, blue orange and red green. Analogous color is a range of colors from dark to light in various color sequences, for example blue, turquoise, green, yellow-green and yellow.

14 Color Meaning As with other design elements, color also has different meanings, including: Red: has the meaning of fire, heat, anger, danger, action, bold, brave, lively, cheerful and dynamic. White: holy, dead, pure, innocent and honest. Yellow: has the meaning of sunshine, brightness, joy, light, envy and hatred. Yellow gold: means famous, great, noble and victorious. Chocolate: has a stable and strong meaning. Orange: means mature, happy, sunset, happy, famous and great. Blue: has the meaning of calmness, reality, peace, truth, sadness and loyalty.

Apakah Yang Dimaksud Dengan Warna Dalam Seni Patung

Rose: has a romantic and light meaning. Purple: wealth, mourning, nobility, luxury, mourning and secrets. Black: has the meaning of tragedy, death, sadness, darkness, hidden, firm and deep. The meaning of color is influenced by cultural aspects

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